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We have launched a new subsidiary YouTube channel for Kingdom Preppers called Growing Up Hebrew. Videos are aimed at the entire family, but catergorized for children of various ages as well. Check it out below!

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This channel is being created by a Hebrew Israelite family to share our experiences in everyday life as we reclaim our identity and heritage practicing the laws, statutes, and commandments of the Scriptures to the best of our abilities.

It aims to be a living journal of what it's like to be led by Yah in this era, but from our perspective. Shalom.

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Todah for your hard work and effort to create this channel for our Hebrew youth. I have two little Hebrew children, a son who is 10 and a daughter who is 7. They enjoy your videos of Growing up Hebrew and Kingdom Preppers. I incorporate your videos with our scripture study on the Shabbat. Your channel is very helpful in my lessons with them at home. Please continue to produce good fruit and do good deeds for the awakened who have turned back to him and are passing down the ways of Yah and his teachings and instruction of the Torah from generation to generation. HalleluYah! Shalom.

—Danielle C.

Dear Mispachah, may the Most High bless you all. Todah for all of the hard work you put into both of your channels. The Growing Up Hebrew channel is our go-to for our four children aged 1-10 years. It is such a blessing to have such well-made Hebrew children’s programming. The content is encouraging, informative, and poses a good challenge for our children to live set apart lives. May your names remain. Much love from your mispachah in the U.K., England. —Rachelle B.


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While Kingdom Preppers is open to all for edification, it is dedicated to the True Hebrew Israelites, the chosen people of Yah. It is to be seen as a spiritual source to identify who they are in history as verified by Scripture, and to understand what the covenant is, as well as the curses and blessings associated with the covenant, and how they will affect them as a nation and as individuals. This site is here to aid you in understanding the signs of the times and encourage you to prepare for the coming Kingdom of Yah.