YA Novel

One Taken, the Other Left

At the end of the age, Yah’s judgment is poured out on the earth, creating devastating disasters that separate the wheat from the tares. Seen through the eyes of four Hebrew families, miracles and wonders abound, and the final prophecies unfold in view of all who live. In this riveting Hebrew saga, one shall be taken, and the other left.


LKP Webcomics


Yah-willing, new panels for webcomics will be added until stories are complete. But you can read the completed webcomics in full now. Shalom!

Enjoy these original and adapted webomic Scripture-inspired stories that are tailored for your children who are growing up in this Hebrew culture.


Activity Pack


Scripture Story Activity Pack 1

Now you and your child can read and color to your heart's content, and engage in several Scripture-based activities that will fill a good portion of your Sabbath or weekday bonding time. These three stories feature: Abraham, Deborah, and Samuel.

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