The Prophet Daniel


I am just so overwhelmed with joy to have been led to your YouTube channel and this website. All praises to The Most High Yah. My family and I are quite new to the truth, and have been seeking ways to help teach our kids and ourselves. Knowing that we have to study and research ourselves, your sites have been a great aid in helping us stay on track. Very informative and helpful.

The children love Little Kingdom Peppers and also the comics. The comics help them to see a different viewpoint to our history; it makes the stories come to life and very easy to understand. Little Kingdom Peppers allowed them to see that they were not the only children living a set apart life.

My eight-year-old son explained to my husband and I that every time he prayed or tried to imagine anyone from the Scriptures, all he could see were white images even when he prayed to Yah. We prayed that Yah will fill him with the truth and remove the lies that we've been programed with. We also began to look for books or movies, etc., to give our children a different outlook to things and we were led to your YouTube channel. They were so excited to see people who resembled them.

Thanks for being obedient to the will of Yah and helping people to awake to the truth. Shalom

—Jacques H.

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