Kaleidoscope of False Reality

Deception permeates this
World, a hidden element
On the periodic table,
Thicker than the air we breathe.
We have been force-fed lies
Through an intravenous tube of
False history, pseudoscience,
And a liquid concoction of
Miseducation so potent the
Smallest dose will have you
Believing everything
They tell you.

We have been beguiled,
Defrauded of our spiritual
Wealth and led down a winding
Garden path from which there
Is little hope of escape.
As soon as we’re born we
Are numbered, cataloged into
The system, and thereafter
Implanted with their complex
Data sets, and bottle fed
The highest order of warm,
Creamy indoctrination that
Smacks of mother’s milk.
Ah, the pampered masses we are,
Our gurgles and coos a sign of
Contentment, despite our
Steady diet of false narratives
And . . . fabrication.

The programming runs deep—
You crack open a text book and
There it is: Jesuit spin in passages
Laden with Masonic context and
Atheistic viewpoints that skew your
“Ordered” reality in their favor.
Little by little they bend the
Symmetry of your will to
Their control, via a myriad
Flashing images that beam
From glossy TV screens with
Their incandescent bursts
Of vanity. Night and day they
Pulse this madness, a sensory
Blitzkrieg on our collective
Consciousness. And in this way
They sway the hive mind, as easily
As a stiff breeze sways the
Fluffy seed head blown
From the Dandelion.

Nonetheless, there is hope . . .
Hope in the Eternal One of Israel:
Yah, Creator of all and the sum total
Of perfection. Composed of
Light and life and love, his very
Essence is truth. He alone can
Pull you from the avenue of
Darkness and set you on the
Narrow path that leads to life
Everlasting. He alone can save
You from this kaleidoscope of false
Reality. But you must seek the
Pure One—seek him in earnest—
While he may yet be found.

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