Life's Algorithm

This mini-documentary explores the spiritual algorithms that are created by Yah's spoken and written word; algorithms that are present in our daily lives and evident in our spiritual walk with Yah. We also show how these algorithms are triggered by our actions and choices, leading to rewards or dire consequences.

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Brother, a very excellent mini-documentary! All I can say is all praises to TMH [the Most High] for the insight HE has given you. I learned so much from the video; things I knew but connected me to the WORD in a different way. It really is all about choices and what you laid out was brilliant. The graphics were top notch as well. Essentially, what I gathered you said is that we always have two paths in life: we can either continue to do the right thing as we learn, or we can change our course and because the WORD has already been spoken (that whatsoever a man soweth that shall HE reap) the Most HIGH doesn't have to tactically do anything; IT Is all strategic and all set up and spoken from the mouth of the Most High, and the prophets to get the elect to stay on the course and to weed out those who are playing "church." He will use circumstances in this life to accomplish desired outcomes. Whether HE means to save you or destroy you! WOW!  

Great video brother. One part stuck out to me is that when you lie to others, you in turn will be lied to. Then you will take and believe something based on that lie that you thought was true. Brother, our actions have to remain pure before the Most HIGH. I am striving and getting stronger in HIS WORD.  

I pray for you and your family. Keep delivering top notch, set apart quality videos, brother. Your platform is different and refreshing. I will watch it again as I am sure I will find something I missed.  


—Michael P.

I have watched this video maybe 3 or 4 times in the past, but when I viewed it today, after a few more months of spiritual growth, the message meant so much more. I appreciate the insightfulness and intellect Yah provided in allowing you to connect everything in this message. Praise Yah!

Also, I want to offer encouragement to others to continue to revisit topics at different points along your personal walk. I hope you find, as I do, more enlightenment as you grow.

—Katie B.

Keywords: spiritual algorithm, comeuppance, trigger events, automated results, self-contained sequence of actions to be performed, Jacob and Laban, complacency, backsliding, lukewarm, Isaiah 55, creation words, mini-doc, mini-documentary, short documentary

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