The Faith I Long For

I long for a deep faith,
The kind for which
Mountains part, crumbling
Under their own unfathomable
Weight as they scramble,
Bewildered, to free a space
For the presence of Yah within me.

That faith for which I long
Would move those mountains,
Driving them beyond view,
As the rumbling of earth and rock,
The sonic shock of their rupture,
Splitting the air like some
Tangible steel could be heard
For many miles.

This faith, you see, would run
Deep within me, coursing
Through taut veins like so much blood,
Fueling me with a spiritual energy
That gives rise to righteous action;
A faith that forces me to
Cling fiercely to the Creator of
All things, like eagle’s talons that
Seek the purchase of secure tree limbs.

In this way I would be perched
Firmly on Yah’s mighty arm.
My vantage point affording me a view
Of the unseen. This faith would
Seal me to Yah, encasing me in an
Unsurpassable love that spreads eternal.
Yes, truest faith.

The kind that breaks open
The old me, so that I can be
Emptied of doubt; Emptied of the
Poison of sin, and filled yet with a
New heart, and a grand portion
Of the Ruach, leaving me a clean
Vessel, entirely dedicated to
Yah’s purpose. Pure.

Yea, this is the faith for which
I long, and the promise of its
Possession keeps me in pursuit,
My attention singular, my focus keen
That I might not miss its arrival in
My heart. For Yah has already
Dispatched this faith from the heavens.

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Awesome!! This poem alone speaks the unknown words from my heart to The Almighty YAH! Todah to you Kingdom Preppers for Sharing. Shalom.

—Erika G.

How gratifyingly spiritual. That really touched my inner soul. Todah!! Just what I needed. Shabbat Shalom

—Zena O.

Beautiful. Wow, this describes my awakening to a tee. Praise Yah for your Kingdom work. May His face continue to shine upon you. Hallauyah and Shalom Achi!!!

—Deanna P.E.