Morning Morsels 137: Influence of the Nations

For too long we have followed the ways of the nations, which has incurred Yah’s wrath.

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Shalom, and happy morning to you. Despite having Yah as their head; despite seeing the works of his mighty arms firsthand, the people of ancient Israel still lusted after the nations around them and longed to walk in their rebellious ways. Our people heard Yah’s voice and witnessed some of the greatest miracles ever performed, but still it was not enough to get them to latch completely onto Yah and do all that he commanded.

Our stubborn, rebellious ancestors have yielded stubborn, rebellious children, who, to this day, continue to follow the corrupt practices of the heathen nations they have been scattered to. Even those waking up to the truth find it hard to resist the lure of their abominable ways; the glee derived from their pagan festivities and celebrations.

The people of ancient Israel committed great wickedness within the walls of their own city and were merciless to their own people. They incurred the wrath of Yah, who brought their fears upon them by cutting them down with the sword and having them fall into the hands of foreigners. Let this be a warning to the people of Israel in these last days. For too long we have followed the ways of the nations, which has incurred Yah’s wrath, just as before.

12 [A]nd you shall know that I am Yah. For you have not walked in my statutes, nor obeyed my rules, but have acted according to the rules of the nations that are around you.

—Ezekiel 11:12

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