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The Crushing Weight of Earthly Dates

Article focusing on our adherence to earthly appointments, times, and dates.


Five years ago, I was among those adhering to emotions reflected through the lens of earthly dates. I focused my thoughts and actions on the upcoming seasonal events that were supposed to enrich my existence and “fill my cup.” In addition, I fixated on anniversary dates: how much time I had shared with my significant other; I focused on dates I had lost loved ones, and I dedicated years of service to my appointment-based job, all in an attempt to go with the flow, as they say. What I see as I look back is a plethora of orchestrated emotional energy that was expended based on what each date represented. Joy, grief, hope, thankfulness, love, and gifting are just some examples of the obligatory emotions and responses triggered by adhering to a system that is meant to dictate our own personal mode of operation.


Learn to let go of emotional adherence to earthly standards of time.
Approximate reading time: 5 minutes | Written by Amah, an associate Kingdom Prepper

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Study Sheetz 2 is Here!

For children who are growing up Hebrew, the second in our new Scripture activity series, Study Sheetz, has launched.

Start with the Scripture reading and work your way through the study sheet to learn about our current topic. These sheetz include:

  • Scripture Reading

  • Study Prayer

  • Question & Answer

  • Interesting Facts

  • Key Words

  • Hands-on-Activity

  • Final Thoughts, &

  • Genesis Creation Hunt

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Yeshua Heals #3

The entire "Yeshua" series ("To the Rescue," "Forgives," and "Heals,") is now complete. This is the final entry in that series! HalleluYah. To read the entire series, click the button below:

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