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You Get 3 Years (4, Total)!

Article focusing on the probationary period directly following your awakening

We are in an era where new doctrines and Scriptural theories are popping up on a weekly basis. Every time you look around there's a new video sensationalizing some new angle we never saw coming. But at the end of the day, what are all these new, sensational theories giving you? Are you any closer to being who you're supposed to be, or having the kind of heart and mind necessary to enter the Kingdom? When HaMashiach returns to gather Israel, will you have to shrink away in shame at his coming because you're still not living up to the standards he set long ago?

Many things will arise in your walk (particularly if you're newly awakened) that will attempt to throw you off course and send you down a winding path in search of inconsequential knowledge that will leave you empty. In the article below, we address what must take place in the first three to four years of your awakening, based on a very important and misunderstood parable of Yeshua.


You will be given a specific time frame to take what you have learned and pass it on in some way.
Approximate reading time: 6 minutes | Written by Kingdom Prepper

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Activity Pack 2 is Here!

Finally, at long last, you can continue the fun and edification that started with the first pack we released some time ago.

This completes the Tonia Townes Collection and should add hours of learning and family interaction to your Shabbats or weekday activity sessions.

That said, we would LOVE it if you could send along a photo of you or your child(ren) utilizing the activity pack: either coloring or solving puzzles, what have you. We need images for the website. Todah and Shalom!

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