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Kingdom Preppers and Little Kingdom Preppers are happy to add Growing Up Hebrew and Living Hebrew content to the website. Growing Up Hebrew and Living Hebrew will feature content intended for weekday consumption for children, tweens, teens, and even the adults in your family. We hope to update the website and its various sections regularly, so check back weekly!

Below are a few new items you can enjoy!

The Hebrew Israelite Calendar


Since all the Torah-sanctioned feasts are complete for the Hebrew year, it is only fitting to launch next year's calendar so everyone can start planning their Passover well ahead of schedule. Download the new calendar now! Featuring royal purple to launch us into the 400th and final year of our sentence!

New Music Section

With Added Music

I Can Read Torah Stories

If your children are beginning readers, introduce them to their history by sharing these I Can Read stories based on Scripture. Not only will this allow them to read about their history and culture for themselves, it will also get them excited about reading! And what better material to read while they’re just learning.

Morning Morsels

Podcast #33: "Yet I Will Rejoice."

Rejoice even when you’re tested to the full.

Sprouts: Media Corner 1

Picture Books

The Quickest Kid in Clarksville | He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.

And There's More!

So be sure to browse the website to take it all in!


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