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Growing Up Hebrew

What to Expect

Videos intended for weekday viewing are posted weekly, and are targeted to children of various ages. We will also feature content for the whole family!

This channel is being created by a Hebrew Israelite family to share our experiences in everyday life as we reclaim our identity and heritage practicing the laws, statutes, and commandments of the Scriptures to the best of our abilities.

It aims to be a living journal of what it's like to be led by Yah in this era, but from our perspective. Shalom.

Featured Videos

Now Available

(Yah-willing, there will be many more to come!)

Morning Morsels

Living Hebrew (for the whole family): These are Scriptural morsels to start your week, get you through the mid-week hump, and prepare you for the Shabbat. Posted Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings each week.

A to the B to the C

Sprouts (ages 3 to 6): An early concept video with an interesting twist on ABCs. Also see our 1 to the 2 the 3 video aimed at the same age range.

The Big Storm

Beets (ages 7 to 10): A young Hebrew girl named Ebony confronts her fear of thunder storms by reading Scripture with her father.

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