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New Feature Article:

Land of Milk and Honey

Written by Kingdom Prepper

While many have focused on certain aspects of the Promised Land, this article will touch on a little-known aspect, that of the symbols highlighted in the very promise associated with Canaan. We are told that milk and honey would flow in the land, but everyone knows that milk and honey aren’t products that are found flowing naturally in the wild. Meaning, they don’t come easily.

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Peter the Rock

As a bold follower of Yeshua, Peter, a zealous disciple, insists that he would never forsake his master. But when put to the test, Peter does exactly what he said he wouldn't.

Moses Pleads at Sinai

While Moses ascends to the top of Mount Sinai to retrieve the Law from Yeshua, his brother, Aaron, stays behind and leads the people of Israel in committing terrible sins.

Jonah Warns Nineveh

After getting a direct command from Yeshua, the Prophet Jonah refuses to obey, and he even gets angry when the people of Nineveh repent and are forgiven by Yeshua.

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