Scripture Story Activity Pack 02

Activity Pack One

Stories in this Pack

Now you and your child can read and color to your heart's content, and engage in several Scripture-based activities that will fill a good portion of your Sabbath or weekday bonding time.

Featured are three stories from the Tonia Townes Collection found on our website, and the activity pack includes:

  • Picture and Word Codes

  • Word Searches

  • Question & Answer Pages

  • And more . . .

Color all the line art to make your activity pack come alive! Then send us your scanned pages or a photo of your child coloring so we can display it on this page.

For best results, we recommend the following:

Take the hi-res file to Staples on a USB stick or SD card:

  • Print it on 8.5 x 11, 67 lb white card stock (higher than 90 US brightness)

  • Make sure all pages in the file are printed double-sided

  • And use plastic coil binding (or spiral binding) with an optional front clear plastic cover and black paper cover as a back.

Total cost should be under $10.00

(This is designed for light mediums only: color pencils and crayons)

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Todah Rabbah! And Shabbot Shalom! Love your outstanding work for the Kingdom of Yah! I am connected on YouTube and via your website. Your content and information has helped me and my family to grow! Bless you and may Yah continue to use you!

—DeVonne P.

Shalom. I would like to thank your family for sharing this very important information. I have been in the Truth for about 3 years and know what I have to do for myself and my family. I will be starting a Shabbat day for the little ones in my family. I appreciate your work and I will send pictures of them dong their activities. Thank you again fro all your material.

—Doryce R.