Morning Morsels 147: Plans Against Yah

Prophecy tells us that the one-world government the nations are planning, is not part of Yah’s plan.

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Shalom, and happy morning to you. A lot of people fear the plans and schemes of the wicked. Whatever they orchestrate and broadcast, the fearful dread, thinking those plans will succeed and threaten their very lives. Often, these wicked nations plot and scheme against Yah himself, threatening to remove from their borders the mention of his name or any worship given to him; they make efforts to destroy his Scriptures, or even wipe the face of the earth clean of his chosen people, the true blood descendants of his servant Jacob: the so-called Negroes.

Now, while Yah uses nations to punish his own people, his purpose is never to fully destroy them, for they must yet fulfill certain prophecies that will give them great purpose. Yet the nations have it in their mind to destroy Yah’s people and bring about a one-world government they will rule as one. Well, prophecy tells us that this is also not part of Yah’s plan, so it is something the nations are devising against him in vain. As was pronounced against the Ninevites of old, this word still stands for all nations in existence today:

9 Whatever you devise against Yah, he will make a complete end of it. Distress will not rise up twice.

—Nahum 1:9

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