Morning Morsels 146: Yah Raises the Nations

Because of our disobedience, Yah raises up the nations of the world to judge his people, Israel.

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Shalom, and happy morning to you. All throughout time, many fierce and cruel nations have risen to power and set out to conquer the inhabited world around them; and this after they enjoyed relative obscurity. Yah raised them up in each age for specific purposes. And yes, it is always Yah who raises up various nations to the lofty levels they enjoy, even the powerful nations that exist today.

Of course, these nations and their haughty leaders do not readily acknowledge Yah as the being who gave them supremacy; they actually praise their own might and chalk up their many victories to their own shrewd cunning and planning. In this way, Yah always raises up other nations to overthrow the ones that have grown too proud. And he uses these new powerful nations to do what the previous ones were raised up to do: bring judgment. Yah would much rather raise up his own people to judge the nations of the world, but because of our disobedience and rebellion, he raises up the nations of the world to be a judgment against his people, as with this example:

6 I am raising up the Babylonians, a cruel and violent people. They will march across the world and conquer other lands. 12 O Yah my Elohim, my Pure One, you who are eternal—surely you do not plan to wipe us out? O Yah, our Rock, you have sent these Babylonians to correct us, to punish us for our many sins.

—Habakkuk 1:6, 12

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