Morning Morsels 097: The Pleasure of His People

Yah’s promises will be fulfilled by a literal and specific people living today.

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Shalom, and happy morning to you. For far too long, the true people of Israel have been largely forgotten as a nation. Having lost our right to possess our land as sovereigns among the nations under Yah’s leadership, we now occupy lands far and wide as exiles. But many of us do not even realize we are exiles due to our being scattered. And because we were forced to abandon our own culture as part of the punishment for our open rebellion against Yah, much of the world has accepted others in our place; imposters who pretend to be custodians of Yah’s law in this earth.

On the other hand, our long exile has allowed others to be deluded into believing they are heirs to the promises Yah made to the true nation of Israel; promises that must be fulfilled by a literal and specific people living today. Those people—the apple of his eye, and his special treasure—are currently being afflicted, but the righteous among them still please Yah. In light of this, the psalmist writes:

4 For Yah takes pleasure in His people; he will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation.

—Psalm 149:4

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