Morning Morsels 042: The Greatest Artist Alive

The greatest work of the greatest living artist might be you.

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Shalom, and happy morning to you. Every great inventor is known for what he invents. If his invention is beneficial to businesses or households he will be respected and remembered. Gifted musicians are loved for the inspirational music they produce and perform. When people hear greatness, they know that a certain person is responsible for that sound. The same goes for artistic achievement. Painters, graphic artists, sculptors and the like are honored for their works and the skill that is found in their fingers and hands.

What all these talented people have in common is that the things they produce are what bring them fame, for those very things proclaim their greatness. This should be no different in the case of Yah, the greatest artist alive. His handiwork is what is to proclaim his glory. And if you have ever seen a beautiful sunset, or spotted graceful birds gliding on thermal currents high above sheer mountains, you have witnessed the glory of Yah’s handiwork. But with all great inventors and artists, there is always a masterpiece that brings them greatest praise. Well, we as Yah’s servants, are his greatest works, therefore we should be able to say:

17 I will cause your name to be remembered in all generations; therefore, nations will praise you forever and ever.

—Psalm 45:17

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