Our True History

You still can’t figure out who the true Hebrews are
When Lamentations 5 and 10 says we’re black as tar
First we heard that 10 tribes were lost, but since
the slave trade all of the 12 tribes are now scattered abroad

Peep the history, it started when we came out of Egypt
Yah freed us, but some didn’t want to leave it
He ripped the whole country in pieces just to free us
Now that’s love, but still many couldn’t see it

Instead we wanted to bow down
to bronze snakes, 
and calves of gold, and set up sacred stones, 
and raise up Asherah poles.

That’s straight madness, but we were told about that curse
that would get us tossed up out of the land of promise headfirst

That’s what happened, first to the ten tribes that split off
they headed North, 
and were soon served a bill of divorce

For going awhorin’ after the deities of the heathen, 
But old Judah stayed faithful for another few seasons

Eventually, Judah did go astray, 
and our wicked ways, 
angered the Ancient of Days

We had it all wrong, 
becoming no better than vagabonds
for our sins we were exiled to Babylon

We served 70 years under an iron yoke
at the end of which Yah said it was time to go

So we went home and started to . . . rebuild
but only so that prophecies could be fulfilled

You see the lion of the tribe of Judah, 
had to come through us, 
but our rejection of the truth became too much

Round about 70 A.D. came the Roman siege, 
death and destruction you wouldn’t believe, 
That’s when we had to flee, 
Fulfilling Matthew twenty-four: sixteen
We fled to West Africa indeed
By then we had a few years of peace
But then came the conspiracy of Psalm 83

All these nations, full of the same kind of hatred
enough to want to erase us

This all gave way to the slave trade, 
The Pope gave the okay, 
and the so-called “Jews” got paid

That’s when the big slave ships came to round us up, 
and scatter us far and wide like a pound of dust

And before we even got to those foreign lands, 
they held cruel whips and a bible in the other hand

Re-educating us to their Christian creed, 
and had us bowing and praying to the image of the Beast

They swooped down on us like vultures, 
we were brutalized and raped and even stripped of our culture

This might sound unbelievable
But it fulfills the terms of the covenant we agreed to

According to Deuteronomy 30, 
There’s a way to reverse the curses, 
and truly fulfill our purpose

So dust off the good book and read, 
and start to believe,
’cause this is our true history.

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Loved this! It covered the main outlines of our history succinctly. Very well done!

—Jewel H.

Shalum. Beautiful well said. All praises to Yahuah/Yahusha.

—Edward R.