Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Keep your eyes on the prize
Stay focused and head towards his True Light
Don't look back nor turn away
Stay on the path toward The Pearly Gate

Remember what The Master said
Seek The Kingdom and Yah's righteousness
Build your house upon The Rock
By following all YaHushua taught

Fear The Most High
And guard His Laws
His proceeding Word
And those in Torah

Don’t worry
About food, clothes, or money
But pray you are worthy
for eternal glory

Keep your eyes on the prize
Stay focused and head toward Yah's True Light
Don't look down nor turn away
Stay on the path toward His Pearly Gate

Remove all your worldly clothes
Put on Yah's full armor and be bold
Root your feet deep in living water
So that you might not topple over

Let wisdom come and dwell within
That you might not sin my friend
Nor be tempted to fornicate
And not be deceived by the enemy’s evil ways

Claim YaHuWaH and YaHushua
Receive Abba's gift, the Set Apart Ruwach
So no one can take you out of His hands
And He will return you to your native land

Blessings will over take you
If you do what YaHuWaH say do
Be washed clean by YaHushua
The Blood of the Lamb and filled with His Ruwach

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

My fellow lions; the body of YaHushua
 And my fellow sheep who follow YaHuWaH
It is high time to wake up
And praise YaHuWaH for saving us

But faith without works is dead
We must walk this out and be led
On that Straight and Narrow Path, YaHushua
Keeping it lit with your Lamp, The Son of Yah

Forget all what this world has told you  
Renew your mind and focus
Hone in on what His Word say do
And you will begin to notice

Once on this path
Do not turn around
Don't look back
Just head toward Yah's sound

The sound of His Voice
Of His laughter
The sound of His Correction
And the Promises after

Know His great shalom
Plead for His Mercy
Pray for His Kingdom
Plead to Him He makes us worthy

When fighting the enemy
And when you feel down
If you are distracted
or just no friends are found

Keep your eyes on the prize
Stay focused on YaHuWaH's Might
Don't look back nor turn away
Keep on the Old Path in YaHuWaH's Grace

I say Keep your eyes on the prize
The prize is YaHuWaH and His Son
YaHuWaH our salvation and our portion
Through His Name this war is won

Just keep your eyes on the prize.

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Shalom, my Kingdom Peppers family. I am full of YAH and these new items that you have prepared are beautifully blessed by YAH. You always do a blessed job at telling the truth. We love the spoken word. It has touched us full of YAH's love! We appreciate all the work that Kingdom Preppers does VERY MUCH!!! We look forward to more! Praise YAH!! He is our Elohim!


—KwannaBintiYah Marvine