Stand Brave

As believers we’re sheep among the wolves of Satan
going up against no less than the strong bulls of Bashan

So you’re deceived thinking there’s a way of escape,
like we could just skate
that flee doctrine has your mind baked

Our enemy’s are out to annihilate us,
they’re full of that venomous hatred
for the descendants of King David

That means the royal blood runs in our veins, 
so remember that in these last days and stand brave

Till then we await the grand ruler, the Lion of the
tribe of Yehudah, King Yahushua

It is he that’ll tear a pound o’ flesh from the Beast
and have us loungin’ in peace,
while we toss gold crowns at his feet

That time is near, so it is high time to prepare
clear your mind of fear

Our enemies are full of bold lies
but they serve demons whose arms are too short
to box with the Most High

We have two-edged swords
for the Devil and his horde
they’re not ready for this all-out war.

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