Look in the Mirror

I want you to . . . do me a favor, a real big favor please
Stand up, look in the mirror, tell me what you see

Is it a so-called black man or woman, 
Is it a no-good, ghetto-minded hoodlum

No? I’m still not close? 
Well let’s try one of those bywords that they like most

Do you see a jigaboo, coon, or an ape
Or better yet a bootlip, alligator bait?

Still no? Then what about a negro? 
Or a spear chucking, porch monkey, heebo?

Nah? look close at your reflection
Are you Afro- I mean African American?

Are you a tar baby, spook, spade, or shine, 
Or does the big one “Nigger” come to mind?

Well we realize that none of these will do
Because the truth is you’re staring at a Hebrew

That’s right, just look into those eyes
You’ll see Abraham, Sarah, and Solomon the Wise

They’re all in there, ’cause you have their blood
You’re a descendant of Shem, who made it through the flood

Come on, you haven’t read Deuteronomy 28
Full of those curses we couldn’t escape

These things were prophesied from old, just read the script
How we were captured and scattered as slaves on ships

Drop these bywords and foolish terms
It’s time for you to wake up now Hebrew and truly learn

Turn back to the Most High and keep his covenant laws
Believe in his son and stay the course

Then when you look in the mirror,
note the eyes and see what’s in them
You’ll see a Hebrew who’s bound for the kingdom.

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The Look in the Mirror poem was very well done. It was short, sweet, and on point! ( A thumbs up).

—Lavette J.

I appreciate your openness to truth as it is written. I never hated myself because I was black but I always knew that there was something special about us because we were so hated by all the other nations. I always hated all those bywords because I knew we came from somewhere and they were reminders that we didn't belong anywhere.

This truth is the most important information I have ever learned and had the pleasure to experience and share. This poem opens the door to explore into truth for someone who may not know. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it because it is truth and it truely has made me free even being in this prison of a world. I know who I am and whose I am, and now I am truly free more than I have ever been in my entire life.

PRAISE YAH!!!!!! Congratulations to you as well and I will see you in the kingdom brothers and sisters.

—Enjoli C.