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Feature Article: "Vanity"

Absorbing the world's negativity and confusion by allowing yourself to be infected by worldly traumas and strife will force you to be overtaken by the clutter of what the world has to offer, none of which will lead you closer to the Most High and his design for your life. This article illustrates how you can get rid of the clutter and refocus on the Most High Yah.

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Growing Up Hebrew Retired!

In case you didn't already know or haven't already heard, Growing Up Hebrew has been retired due to extremely low viewer participation from the worldwide community. The series was heavily dependent upon the viewing audience, whose voices helped to steer the direction of the podcasts and essentially set the tone. But while we received a slew of emails from parents and children offering to participate by sending in recorded answers, hardly anyone followed through, therefore, the series has been retired, which will allow us to focus on other LKP and KP projects; projects we hope you will enjoy! Among those projects are:

LKP Scattered Among the Nations: Webcomic 2

This webcomic (which is coming soon) will deal with the Levitical Diet found in the Torah, and will familiarize children with Yah's commandments concerning this important issue. As with all our illustrated stories, it will be delivered in a colorful and interesting way, while remaining educational and entertaining at the same time. This is one of the projects we were able to focus more attention on since Growing Up Hebrew did not field enough interest to yield enough calls and audios from viewers to justify future episodes. We take that as a directive from the Most High to move on to other projects, and so we have. HalleluYah!

We've also wrapped the first phase of the LKP Treasure Trove series, which consists of 25 videos and downloadable podcasts. Yah-willing, many more Treasure Trove stories will come in the future. Essentially, these efforts are all part of our commitment to provide a stream of spiritual resources for children, tweens, and teens. You'll notice that there are very few resources and websites devoted to young people within our culture and with our particular focus on Torah and Scripture overall. And even in many Hebrew Israelite assemblies many parents are left with no recourse but to have their children squirm and fidget through Scripture lessons, talks, and readings that are adult-centered. And there are very few videos and materials targeted to their demographic. Our Little Kingdom Preppers arm is here to fill a huge vacuum and provide edification for the younger set as well. Many of our materials and videos are for the entire family, but we will still be releasing articles and videos tailored for adults, Yah-willing.

That said, another LKP project we were able to devote more time to was Athuna's Bedtime, for which a Story Time video was released last Shabbat. Well, below you can access the digital picture book version, which you can also download for offline reading. We do hope you continue to benefit from these resources. Shalom!

Athuna's Bedtime Picture Book

Join Athuna and her grandmother on a thrilling bedtime story adventure in this digital picture book that takes place in the time of ancient Israel, as seen through the eyes of the talking donkey from Numbers 22.

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