Have you ever had the feeling you are being distracted, sucked in, or pulled away from achieving a goal? Current news headlines, the incessant buzz of smart devices, the whirling typhoon of social media posts and comments circulating concerning every type of topic have left me at times feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

For a moment, I let myself become ensnared in topics that were potentially devastating to others; whether by way of disaster striking, attempting to find solutions to events I have no hope of influencing, or simply by absorbing the emotions surrounding the material I was intaking. As a result, I was becoming numb and desensitized to my surroundings because of these toxins, which led me farther away from Yah.

Yah extended his wisdom to my heart and mind as I began reading scripture. I slowly opened my eyes, was able to focus, and saw more clearly; I wanted to know and understand how to best serve Yah with the time he has given me right now. My desire to understand what was happening in the world, in different cultures, in current news, in politics, and on social media was replaced with a yearning to devote myself to Yah and his mission for my life.

As my priorities shifted, so did the balance in my daily habits. I began to realize I was absorbing so much negativity and confusion by allowing myself to be infected by worldly traumas and strife. My mental awareness was overtaken by the clutter of what the world has to offer, none of which led me closer to the Most High and his design for my life. By focusing my thoughts on tragedy, strife, political agendas, and worldly practices, the enemy was able to keep me away from studying Yah’s truths, and before I knew it, the load was both distracting and cumbersome. Often, many succumb to these enticements and end up being caught in a snare without ever becoming aware they have been led by delusion. I realized by means of the scriptures that I too had given in to futile endeavors and vanities.

Scripture guided me to the conclusion that I must remove worldly clutter if I want to walk the narrow path Yah has laid out for us. As I detached myself from social media and began letting current news wash over me without becoming stressed or feeling any sense of urgent responsibility, I noticed I was more peaceably in tune with my studies and discovered more and more joy in doing so. My insight and faith began to grow exponentially when I was able to separate from what was happening in the world and draw nearer to Yah. He became my foundation.

Current news headlines, the incessant buzz of smart devices, the whirling typhoon of social media posts and comments circulating concerning every type of topic have left me at times feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

The book of Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon—who was blessed by Yah to be wiser than all others—addresses the siren we all battle: the allure of the world, which is filled with intrigue and mysteries we are tempted to solve; an allure that also splits our focus with all types of things constantly happening around us. Simply stated, Solomon’s words warn that to try to understand the way of the world will lead one’s spirit wayward and can only be a self-destructive vanity. He elaborates further by leaving us with the insight that the world has “ new thing under the sun...” (Ecclesiastes 1:9), which leads to the conclusion that the events taking place in our lifetime have already had a previous place in history. It is only the method and means that have evolved. Solomon closes this book by giving us exactly what Yah wants of each of us:

13 “...Fear Yah, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

—Ecclesiastes 12:13

This is clearly interpreted as follow Yah’s laws and remain faithfully obedient.

We all have to choose how we will order our lives. Technology is a necessary part of daily life; communication exists for many of us based on various media tools. This personal illustration is a means of sharing my own reasoning about how I balance priorities in my life based on the scriptures that move me to do so. There are, without a doubt, many motivational and encouraging things that can be shared by the masses in using technological advancements. I do believe, however, that scripture should be the guide in how to make the best use of these resources in order to draw us nearer to our Creator and farther away from being caught in the net of futility and vanity. May Yah bless you with wisdom in balancing your daily endeavors.

Supplemental Scripture Passages: Isaiah 35:8 | Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 | Ecclesiastes 8:16-17

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HalleluYah. This message speaks directly to me right now. I have been having Abba Yah purge away negativity in my life, but at my Job is where the majority of all the problems come from. This [article] gave me motivation to continue to seek Abba Yah through our King Yahshua to overcome yet another obstacle to walk with our Elohim in spirit and in truth. Yah bless you family.

Shalam Shalam.

—Larry P.

Thank you. I found that article uplifting and coinciding with the way in which I conduct my life. I have never taken part in social media and only watch TV when there is a special coming on that I’ve heard about. That’s usually on the PBS channel, dealing with nature. Sometimes it’s difficult not being in the mix of the world, but oh well.

—Zena O.

I was truly blessed by your article. It is confirmation! Yah has been speaking to my heart concerning all of the distractions that vie for my attention daily. I understand the importance of spending time in the presence of Yeshua and building myself up on my most pure faith. Praying in the Spirit and spending time in the Word of Elohim keeps us sharp in the Spirit. Thank you for being iron that sharpens iron. Shalom!

—Jeania R.

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