Hebrew Israelite Calendar (2017-2018)

Leap Week

On the Hebrew Israelite Calendar, leap weeks seem to fall every sixth even-numbered year of the Gregorian calendar. So, 2012 was in fact a leap week year. Therefore, 2018, 2024, and 2030 will be leap week years as well. That means a phantom week will be created after the Fall equinox of those given years to push the first week of April—particularly the week that holds the first Sunday in April—to the beginning of the Hebrew year, where it belongs. A leap week is exactly 7 days long and does not count toward the year in which it falls. The leap week contains unnumbered days, therefore the year’s count does not truly go from 364 to 371. Leap weeks are substantiated in the book of Ezekiel, chapters 1 to 8, as explained in our documentary, The Hebrew Calendar.

Yah’s year is a true 52 weeks. And 7 days in a week multiplied by 52 equals 364, not 365!

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One of the advantages of this Hebrew Israelite calendar is that it is easy to read and navigate, since it is overlaid on the Gregorian calendar, which we use in everyday life. Also, days are locked in, so the feasts and other pure convocation days will fall exactly one year later in the same weeks on the exact days of those weeks, with no surprises or guesswork, as it was in the days of old.

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Well done. Love it. Shalom!

—Alecia B.

I want to genuinely thank you for this hebrew calendar and I can follow Yah in his ways on my journey. I'm so happy that I've subscribed to your channel. As one of Yah's lost sheep in America, this calendar will help me stay on track with following all Yah's days.

—Sean W.

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I have been searching and searching and I am so happy I found you. Thank you for all that you do. All your hard work is appreciated.

—W. Campbell

All praises to the Most High! I very much appreciate your work here in producing this calendar. Great work. It's the most accurate calendar I have witnessed to date.

—Yoshua Israel

Todah Rabah! Your explanation made a lot of sense and helped me understand how to prepare for the Feast Days.

—TzurieYAH baht Ysrael

Great video. This helps me so much. I was just thinking about this and how to know when we should do our pure convocations. Thanks!

—Derrick C.

I always wanted to know the correct days that Yah wanted his people to celebrate. I prayed and searched for truth; one truth was the High Days. I thank Yah for you Kingdom Preppers for this truth. I know you are genuine because when looking and listening to your videos I get a feeling of peace and truth. I look forward to more of your videos. May Yah continue to bless you.

—Wendy S.

Thank you for the knowledge of the true calender. I am doing my best to learn our ancestors' true traditions and feast days so this helps out a lot, and thank you for all the research!

—Cornell W.

Thank you for doing the study on the Hebrew calendar. Your work is greatly appreciated.

—Kim A.

Great lesson. I apprecaite you.

—Ken C.

Your documentaries are awesome! Praise Yah! HalaluYah!

—Rosemond B.

I know it's about time! As a daughter of Zion, we as a people have been: lied to and broken down. And we're a people totally going out of control and miseducated about so much needed truth in Yah's word. This calendar is a very truthful and accurate way for those of us Israelites, finally coming home, to be able to see, understand, respect and follow the feasts and seasons blessed to us by Yah. We as his chosen and special people need this tool! It's over time for us to come home and set ourselves right with Yah. Thanks to you Kingdom Preppers.

—Melody F.

This calendar is the best information for us as Hebrew Israelites because, speaking for myself, it helps me to understand the feast days (the why and when of the celebration) better. Shalom.

—Marilyn M.

Thank you very much! I have been waiting for a Hebrew Israelite calendar from our people. Thanks very much.

—Philip P.

Thank you so much. This is a blessing from the Most High because I asked for clarification and this video as well as PDF [calendar] will assist me in my studies for the truth. Thank you again for your work!

—Lori G.

Excellent! SHaLoHM!

—John S.

Just wanted to say thanks. We who are now in the Truth thought we were in the Truth before, so I look at life as a journey and we need to start somewhere. So I say thank you. Shalom, Ahk!

—Kerrio B.

Great Calendar. I want to give all praises to Yah our Elohiym for all the work that you do on the information you provide to help gather his sheep. I know we have to read scripture and ask Yah for a clear understanding, but thanks for all you do. My prayer is that he keep you grounded in your walk so that you can help others like me. Again, thanks.... Shalom.

—Anthony W.

Awesome. Just what I've been looking for. . . . Thank You. Shalom.

—Leslie M.

Love it. It help open my eyes to Yah's will.

—PatricYah Yahudah

Thank you. Shalom. I will download and study it. I hope it will simplify the yearly Sabbaths, which would be such a great advantage. I have just discovered you today on YouTube. The presentations are very informative and pleasant. Thank You.

—Brenda Israel

I really haven't any thought on this but thank you for putting forth something we can go on that is scripture-based.

—Edward M.

Yah is so amazing! I have been looking for a true calendar! Thank you so much! I truly love your site and channel. PRAISE YAH!

—Zelda G.

At first I felt overwhelmed, realizing I have to re-learn my months and days, what days to celebrate feasts on, and even what not to celebrate. Thank you for sharing the truth and letting me download the calendar because it is so different from the world's calendar.

—LaTonya W.

This is Amazing. We're in London, UK. Love the work you're doing and thumbs up for this calendar. It's amazing and that's what the family has been waiting for. Thanks.

—Hugh T.B.

I love the fact that you would take the time to create this calendar. It's extremely helpful and was professionally done in a creative (and easy-to-follow) way. Thank you from a "once-lost-sheep" all the way from Trinidad (West Indies). Keep up the EXCEPTIONAL WORK and lots of blessings to you and your family.

—M. Bowen

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