Churchianity Part 1: Laying the Foundation

The prophesied rise of the Romans comes on the heels of a vanquished Greek Empire and forces the overthrow of the Hasmonean Dynasty, which ruled Judea for a hundred years. With the arrival of the promised Messiah, the nation of Judah receives, and largely rejects, the Messianic message, leading to a shift in the movement and the creation of the leavened Christian religion.

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Keywords: diaspora, Maccabee, Khazarian Empire, Hasmonean dynasty, Aristobulus II, Archelaus, Pharisee, Sadducee, Sanhedrin, Elkesaites, Ebionites, Nazoraeans, Bar Kokhba, churchianity, two thousand years of leaven, history of Christianity, church history, Hebrew history, kp, kingdom preppers

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