Morning Morsels 010: Obedience Leads to Success

Serving Yah and being obedient is the formula for success.

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Shalom, and happy morning to you. When you begin to serve Yah with every effort, striving to do what is pleasing in his sight, and you seek him wholeheartedly in all matters, something surprisingly wonderful will begin to happen in your life. Scripture tells us what that is. The record shows that, when men and women of old shifted their focus and streamlined their lives so that their primary objective was to serve Yah with all their heart and do only that which was pleasing to him, their own personal plans prospered and they met with great success.

This is true in the lives of patriarchs like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Kings like David and Josiah; and women like Abigail and Hannah. At every turn we have such examples in Scripture, like that of Hezekiah, a righteous King who was born to quite an unrighteous one. Despite this, Hezekiah did not follow in the wicked footsteps of his father, particularly when it came to dealing with the pure temple. Scripture tells us that:

20 In this way, King Hezekiah handled the distribution throughout all Judah, doing what was pleasing and good in the sight of Yah his Elohim. 21 In all that he did in the service of the Temple of Elohim and in his efforts to follow Elohim’s laws and commands, Hezekiah sought his Elohim wholeheartedly. As a result, he was very successful.

—2 Chronicles 31:20 – 21

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