LKP Treasure Trove 025: Your True Treasure

Welcome to another edition of the LKP Treasure Trove

Many of us are in danger of clinging to our earthly possessions, whether they are toys, games, clothes, jewelry, or even big-ticket items like a house or car. Some people even come to treasure these things, and they eventually find a place in their hearts, to the point where it is very difficult to separate from these treasures, especially when they’re forced to. Well, this is how you’re supposed to feel about the eternal treasures that are stored with Yah; you should be clinging to the promises of eternal life, and striving for salvation more than you’re trying to obtain some earthly possession. In today’s story, Rodney will learn this the hard way.

Your True Treasure


Rodney admired the two coins his grandfather had given him a few years before he died. They were double eagle gold coins from 1924 and were said to be worth a lot, especially for a twelve-year-old. The coins had been sealed in protective cases so that they couldn’t be handled directly. This caused them to maintain their high value.

While Rodney sat near his bedroom window angling the coins in his hands in order for the afternoon sunlight to strike them just right, a knock came at his door.

“Come in,” Rodney said, and in walked his dad.

Dad took a look around the room. “This place is a mess. But you don’t have time to clean up. You’ve got swimming practice. You ought to spend more time doing your responsibilities than staring at those old coins.”

“I’ll clean up when we get back, Dad.” After Rodney got dressed for his swimming lesson, he stuffed a bag full with his gold coins, along with the gear he needed. And then he bolted out to the driveway to meet his dad in the car.

During practice, Rodney performed several swimming techniques, such as the front and back crawl, the sidestroke, and breaststroke, among others. When practice was over, he hit the showers and then chatted with Trevor, another Hebrew from his swim class.

They sat on a bench in the locker room discussing the best freestyle swimmers and how rich they were when the subject of Rodney’s two gold coins came up.

“. . . But I don’t care if I never earn any money from swimming,” Rodney was saying. “I’ll probably just be a coin collector or something.”

Trevor’s eyes narrowed. “Why a coin collector?”

“Because my grandfather already got me started by leaving me two valuable coins.”

Now Trevor’s eyes widened. “Can I come to your house and see them?”

“No need,” Rodney said, as he reached for his bag that sat on the bench next to him. “I have them right. . . .” When Rodney unzipped the bag and checked the inside pocket he had placed the coins in, he found it empty. “Wait. My coins are gone.”

Rodney and Trevor searched the locker room so long that Rodney’s dad had to come get him. Needless to say, the loss of his coins angered and saddened Rodney. On the drive home, he held a sour face and sulked. Finally, he said, “Someone stole them. I just know it.”

Dad didn’t hesitate in responding. “What do I always tell you, son?”

Rodney folded his arms and sighed. “ ‘Don’t store up treasures here on earth.’ ”

“Yeshua’s own words, right? Your heart is wrapped up in those coins, but you know where your true treasure is supposed to be stored. Let this be a reminder.”


Is your heart wrapped up in material things that can be lost, stolen, or destroyed in a flood, fire, or other event? We are told to not store up earthly treasures, because, as Matthew 6:21 says, ‘Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.’ Many times, we don’t realize how much we cling to our possessions until we’re forced to part with them. But by the time that happens we’ve already been guilty of storing up those earthly treasures in our hearts and neglecting to focus on the ones from Yah, such as salvation and eternal life.

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