LKP Treasure Trove 023: Plant Good Seeds

Welcome to another edition of the LKP Treasure Trove

Everyone is a farmer in a spiritual sense; we all plant things by our words, actions, and overall behavior. When you speak kind words to people and are helpful to others, people will be kind to you in return and you will receive lots of help when you need it. But when you are rude, unkind, and selfish, and you mistreat people, what do you think you will experience in return? According to Scripture, whatever seeds we plant in our lives with our behavior are the very experiences that will grow from those seeds. Troy will learn this lesson from his grandmother in today’s story.

Plant Good Seeds

Troy found his grandma in the garden. She was harvesting sugar snap peas that had vined their way up a five-foot tall homemade trellis.

When Grandma saw Troy, she said, “Why, good morning.”

“Good morning, grandma,” Troy said cheerfully. “Can I help you pick those peas?”

“Of course,” Grandma said. “Just drop them in the basket, and you’re free to sample some while you pick. You can eat them whole, pods and all.”


“Oh, I’ve had them before, remember?” Troy said as he stood side by side with Grandma picking peas.

“That’s right,” Grandma replied. “We did this last year, didn’t we? You know, I always appreciate your willingness to help. That’s a kindness that goes a long way, and it makes you a person who plants good seeds.”

“But I didn’t help you plant these peas, grandma,” Troy said.

Grandma stopped picking peas and faced her grandson. “Oh, I’m not talking about physical seeds, Troy. I’m talking about the spiritual seeds people plant by their actions.”

“I think I get what you’re saying, grandma,” Troy said.

Grandma gathered her thoughts and said, “Let me put it this way, when a farmer plants one seed, how many vegetables and fruits come from that seed?”

“Way more than one,” Troy said.

“That’s right,” Grandma agreed. She pointed to the plants in front of them. “Well, one seed planted here yields about a quarter pound of peas. That means one seed can sometimes give me 130 or more peas. And several seeds can give me thousands of peas.”

Troy smiled and licked his lips. “That’s a whole lot of deliciousness.”

“Oh, it is,” Grandma said. “And you’ll produce the same abundant deliciousness in your life by continuing to be helpful, kind, and honest. Don’t you find that good things keep happening in your life?”

Troy thought about that for a moment, then said, “Yes, now that you mention it, I do have a lot of good things in my life to be thankful for. And you’re saying that’s like my harvest from planting good seeds of behavior?”

Grandma chuckled. “Oh, it’s not me saying it. That’s what’s written in the Good Book. And we’re told the opposite is true too. When you plant bad behavior seeds you’ll harvest bad things. Job chapter 4 verse 8 says, ‘My experience shows that those who plant trouble and cultivate evil will harvest the same.’ So, whatever you plant in your life with your behavior is what will grow into your experiences. Good things will come from good behavior, thoughts, words, and actions, and bad things will come from bad ones.”


Are you planting good seeds that will result in a bountiful harvest of good things in your life? In the book of Hosea, chapter 8 verse 7, we are told that when we plant the wind, we will harvest the whirlwind, meaning the crop that is produced is always greater than the seed that is planted. So, you have to be careful not to plant bad and evil things in your life by being selfish, unkind, and lawless because this and other bad behavior will lead to very bad experiences that will be far worse than the bad things you did and said in the first place.

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