Truly Unleavened Bread

The state of the world has deteriorated to perhaps its lowest rung within the last decade, with depravity of all kinds being showcased as mainstream entertainment; lawlessness being applauded and rewarded, and even enforced as civil law; among many other abominations that would require the space of an encyclopedia set to list. Yet, despite this current state of affairs, many believers are still complacent in their walk, lax in their faith, and lukewarm when it comes to living the will and ways of Yah, which is rooted in his law. This complacency—this lukewarm nature—is the result of a slow, simmering, cultural, psychological, emotional, educational, and environmental cooking of the mind.

From the time we are born, we are thrust headlong into this pot, moving from institution to institution while our minds are slowly cultivated to accept the world’s norms, and we eventually conform to secular standards set by the world, whether we are believers or not. Like a frog, we slowly boil to a spiritual death in this cultural stew, and our half-hearted attempts at achieving righteousness in our lives are tempered, even stifled by worldliness. We claim to be obedient believers, yet we continue to think, act, speak, and react exactly like those who are fully in the world.

There is a way to reverse the brainwashing, however. It involves completely giving yourself over to the Most High and being immersed in his Word, on your own, without the influence of another human being. You have to immerse yourself daily, in a solitary fashion, with no distractions whatsoever. It is the only way you can begin to have your mind sterilized of all contaminants introduced by this world. This is the mindset we are to have going into the feast days, like Passover, which is upon us.

Now, while we are to rid our homes of physical leaven, in keeping with Exodus 12:15, spiritual leaven of the heart must also be discarded during Passover and the feast of Unleavened Bread, to the best of our ability of course. You see, in this age of Spiritual Babylon, which is worldwide in its scope, there is leaven in products we probably have no idea of, so dogmatically trying to rid our homes of all leaven will probably be impossible, but the idea is to get rid of the obvious leaven we are fully aware of, while diligently seeking to become aware of others that are not so obvious. But the worldwide depravity I spoke of is actually part and parcel of the leaven that no one can see, or remove. There is in fact all manner of live yeasts and bacteria present in the very air we breathe. This represents the prevalent worldwide level of depravity and deception that is rampant in this world, which is encompassed in Revelation 12:9, which states that Satan is “the one deceiving the whole world.”

In our Enhanced Scripture Study video, The Pure Convocations, we covered the spiritual representation of leaven, which boils down to sinfulness derived from false teachings related to Scripture. The devil has left the world awash in spiritual leaven, while the physical world is permeated with the airborne variety, seeing one prophetically represents the other. That said, we must do our best to rid our homes of physical leaven, and our hearts of spiritual leaven, which involves removing false doctrines as well as cultural, psychological, emotional, educational, and environmental contaminants we’ve been introduced to from birth.

In preparation for Passover, various congregations will have people believe they are to rid their homes of certain things that probably contain no leaven at all. This causes some to be extremely dogmatic in their approach to the physical removal of leaven, which merely represents the spiritual one that is of greater importance. But in this dogmatic approach, like the Pharisees of old, who were guilty of spewing spiritual leaven upon the masses, this current flock of dogmatic individuals is missing the big picture. And while many of us are diligent in honoring and observing this important feast in this present evil culture, Spiritual Babylon, as stated, has a worldwide reach.

A case in point would be the very flour we use to bake our unleavened bread. Consider that many, many people have no idea that the world’s supply of wheat flour is almost entirely hybridized. And hybridization involves the mixing of two or more things at the atomic level, where chemical bonding occurs. This means that the vast majority of wheat flour we buy in the store is not scriptural. Leviticus 19:19 clearly commands: “... Do not plant your field with two different kinds of seed.” Hybridization of wheat flour at the atomic level is in direct violation of this law.

Now, we’re not going to be able to escape each and every instance of this mixing, because it is prevalent in the various items we purchase every day, whether they reveal these things on labels or not. We’re dealing with Spiritual Babylon, remember. But, as concerns wheat flour, like the remnant believers known as the elect, or chosen ones, who will not be swept up in the worldwide deception (see Matt. 24:24), there is one known domestic species of wheat flour that is currently non-hybridized, and it is known as Einkorn, which is German for “single grain.” Einkorn wheat is the most ancient wheat species currently in existence and is closest to what our ancient Israelite ancestors probably ate.  

We make our Passover bread using an Einkorn variety cultivated in Italy. The company that distributes it is called Jovial Foods, Inc. (which we are not affiliated with) and their products can be purchased on their official website: So, like his remnant believers—the elect, or chosen ones—Yah has left an ancient, set apart variety of wheat flour which we can use to honor, observe, and celebrate the Passover close to the way it was intended, despite our present Babylonian circumstance. In closing, doctrinal truth that concerns Yeshua is the only true unleavened bread in existence.

But for your consideration, here is a link to a recipe we use to make our Passover bread: Unleavened Bread

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Bonus: What about lamb and bitter herbs?

I've gotten some emails from Hebrews asking about lamb and bitter herbs and other specifics regarding the actual observance of Passover. This is the response to that question:

The prescribed Passover meal is broken down in the Last Supper, which Messiah himself took part in, so the main portions now are bread and wine, but lamb and bitter herbs should also be added based on Exodus 12. The idea isn't to follow the directions in Exodus to a tee, however, because it is impossible to fulfill that in captivity away from the land and being dispersed as we are. More to the point, the lamb portion of Exodus 12 is fulfilled in Yeshua. For this reason, we don't have to set a lamb aside for four days or smear blood on lintels and doorposts, nor stand in our sandals with staffs in our hands as we eat in haste. These were representative of specific events that Israel had to endure, but Passover is pretty much now about that bread and wine (or grape juice if you prefer). But lamb on the bone cooked over a fire can be added to commemmorate the experience of our ancestors the night they left Egypt, as well as bitter herbs. But remember that the letter of that particular law in Exodus 12 and similar Torah passages is not what we aim to achieve, but the spirit, which the letter points to. Same goes for laws regarding sacrifice, tithing, temple service, etc. So understanding what all those things pointed to is key. But we honor the days as best we can given the examples that apply to us now. Hope this helps. Have a blessed Passover. Shalom!

And then I received an interesting email from another correspondent along these lines:

First I would like to just say thanks for all that you do! Allowing the most high to lead you in spreading his truth. My family really appreciates your website and YouTube channel. They are very informative.

This will be our first time observing the Passover. I think we may be overthinking the process. We honestly have no one to gather with or ask questions in regards to the Passover. I guess we're trying to visualize what a family observing the passover looks like? ( if that makes since). Also ridding things out of our home that contains leaven.... as far as food, is it garbage?

I totally understand the spiritual part of it because I have a lot of work that needs to be done on that level. Do you have any suggestions for us? How do we incorporate the children? I know sharing the meaning and Torah studies. What are some activities that you do? I apologize if I seem clueless. Since my family has decided to turn to the truth, this journey has become very lonesome and somewhat overwhelming at times. So many unanswered questions, so much false information, so many wolves in sheep's clothing. However, we know that we're not turning back. We just want to get it right! I've always been told that there are no dumb questions, especially when you lack the knowledge of something. So when I'm led, I have to ask these things even if they may sound ridiculous to others. Please if you have anything to share with us that you think could help us on our journey that would be greatly appreciated! Once again, thanks for your time and all that you do! Shalom. JH.

My response to JH was along these lines:

Your very desire to do Yah's will is extremely pleasing to the Most High. Know that. You're clueless because you're supposed to be. We've lost our heritage and the Israelites are scattered abroad! Clawing our way back to a semblance of our culture is all we can do, which is why there are prophecies of us being gathered like lost chicks under the awesome and protective wing of Yahushua. That is the entire purpose for his return to this earth.

It will be our second Exodus. Think about the first one. The Israelites needed detailed instructions to complete it, but Yah was present and in person then. He isn't now, not just yet anyway. So until then, we wing our way through this with the guidance of the Ruach and do our best to uphold the laws. You are in the very boat all of us should be in. If anyone thinks they've got this down and know exactly what to do they are deceived. We have very little to go on, but Yeshua did leave us a proper example. That said, there is no true blueprint for what you and your family are supposed to do. It doesn't boil down to ritual anyway. It's about what feels right and worshipful. So what my family and I do is focus on Passover's historical events. I will be releasing a new children's story the kids can listen to that evening so they can have an anchor to the past, and you all should discuss these things throughout the evening and read the Scriptural passages together, and of course break and eat unleavened bread and drink grape juice at the least while fulfilling what Yeshua exemplified at the Last Supper. This is what it is truly about. Him.

And as to ridding your house of leaven, we're simply commanded to remove all leaven, that doesn't mean throwing it away. You can store it somewhere outside of your home because we're commanded to use leaven in the very next feast (Feast of Weeks)! If you don't live in your car, it can be stored there for instance. The act of removing leaven from the home is all symbolic as leaven is a mere representation of false indoctrination that leads to sin which you are to remove from your spiritual body, mind, and heart. I truly hope this helps.


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I needed those encouraging words to get back on focus with Yah. It's truly a challenge to overcome the wickedness and lust of the world in our faces daily. I will try the recipe for Passover. Shalom.

—Sean W.

Shalom, and YES, YES, YES!!!  Many thanks for both the spiritual edification, article, and recipe you provided.  After your tip on einkorn flour, I ordered mine yesterday from Amazon in time to use if for Passover!

—Katie S.

A very good article and completely hits the mark. We often get so caught up in the physical realities of the feasts that we miss the true and fundamental meanings. I am new on my spiritual path back to Yah and one of the many things he has been giving me is the truth about the Sabbath day and the feasts and to get to the heart of the matter which is learning about his purpose for me ... a changed heart. Thank you for sharing the Einkorn wheat addy. I make my own unleavened bread and Challah for the Sabbath and had never thought of the flour itself. May The Most High Bless you and keep you and your ministry.

—Angela H.