LKP Treasure Trove 016: Move in Faith

Welcome to another edition of the LKP Treasure Trove

When it comes to packing up and moving away from familiar surroundings—like the place you grew up, friends you’ve known all your life, and even family you love—it can be very hard, even saddening. But sometimes Yah directs us to leave our friends, family, and familiar surroundings for our own good, whether we understand it right away or not. When Yah wants us to pack up and move we should do so without questioning him. In today’s story, Cedric will have to learn to get over his hurt feelings and leave familiar things behind.

Move in Faith

The moving truck was so loaded that not another box could fit in the back. They even disassembled the furniture and stacked them so that they lined the walls. Cedric had watched his uncles, Edgar and George, load the truck most of the afternoon. They were his dad’s brothers. Now Uncle Edgar was ready to drive off with Uncle George seated in the passenger seat of the cab.

“Thanks for offering to make this long trip with all our stuff, fellas,” Cedric heard his dad say to Uncle George and Uncle Edgar. Dad was standing on the passenger side of the truck, leaning against the door.

“Don’t mention it,” Uncle Edgar said.

“Yeah. You’d do the same for us,” Uncle George added.

Dad smiled and said, “That’s true,” and then he left his brothers and passed Cedric on the front steps as he made his way back into the near empty house.


Cedric watched the truck drive off, and when his Uncle George waved bye to him, he grew sad. By the time his mother and father had come out front with the last two boxes in hand, tears were streaming down Cedric’s face.

Dad loaded the boxes in the trunk of the car while Mom sat next to Cedric on the front steps. Mom rubbed Cedric’s back and asked, “Are you sad about moving again?”

Cedric nodded. “I don’t want to leave, mom. I don’t know anybody where we’re going.”

“We don’t either,” Dad said, as he walked over to his son. “The three of us are stepping out in faith here, Cedric. Remember that story we read in the Scriptures last month, about Abraham?”

Cedric’s tears stopped flowing as he thought for a moment. “Yeah, I remember. Yah told him to leave his father’s house.”

“Yes,” Dad said. “Yah told him to leave the place where he grew up, including his relatives. And he went to a strange land he didn’t know. But the point is he went there in faith.”

“That’s right,” Mom said. “Your father has a good job offer in Michigan, and Yah is leading us out there to improve our lives. I hear they’re a lot of other homeschooling families in the town we’re moving to, so you’re bound to make new friends.”

“Just like Abraham did when he got to Canaan,” Dad added. “And remember, he was a man of faith. And so were his son and grandson, Isaac and Jacob, who Yah also told to move to certain places because it was good for them.”

“Yah still guides us to certain places today,” Mom said. “We just have to head out in faith and trust him, like our ancestors did. Yah was with them, and he’ll be with us.”


Are you able to head out in faith to a strange land and leave everything that is familiar to you? When Yah leads you, you must learn to follow him in full and complete faith, just as Abraham did when Yah directed him to move in Genesis 12:1; as well as Isaac in Genesis 26:1-3; and Jacob in Genesis 31:3. Moving out in faith now, which is a small step, will prepare us for the great day when Yah will move all the people of Israel to their last home after gathering them back from all the lands they’ve been scattered to.

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