LKP Treasure Trove 018: Keep Your Promises

Welcome to another edition of the LKP Treasure Trove

Once in a while, you might tell people in your life that you’ll do something for them—a small task or favor, or maybe a chore—and oftentimes, you’ll never end up doing what you promised to do. Not only does this behavior make you an unreliable person, someone people cannot depend on or trust, but it also makes you an enemy of Yah, because it breaks his law. So doing what you say you’ll do must become an important habit in your life. In today’s story, David will learn that breaking promises makes him a liar.

Keep Your Promises

It had been three days, and David still didn’t do what he had promised. And this wasn’t the first time. His mother had asked him to set up a portable back massager she had recently purchased. He was good at things like that. All he had to do was open the box, read the instructions, and insert a long battery that would be charged overnight. But David never got around to doing any of that, so Mom did it herself.

And the other night, a friend of his named Eric called to invite him over, and although David said he’d ask his mom for permission, he never did. Two days passed and Eric was still waiting for an answer. And just that afternoon, Mom called to say she would be held up at work, so she asked David to take a covered bowl out of the fridge, which held a small organic chicken she had marinated overnight.


“Just put the chicken in the slow cooker, add a quarter cup of water, cover the slow cooker, and set it on low,” Mom said. “Let it cook for three hours. I should be home before it’s done. Think you can do that for me?”

“Sure, Mom,” David said. “I’m fourteen, you know, and I’ve done harder things for you before.”

“I know,” Mom said. “I just want to make sure I can count on you tonight.”

Needless to say, David forgot to do as he had promised, and the chicken wasn't cooked that night.

“I’m very disappointed in you, David,” Mom said when she got home. She stood next to David in the kitchen with her arms folded while he fixed himself an egg sandwich. “You’d be eating a nice chicken dinner right now if only you did what you said you were going to do. All week I’ve been watching you break your promises. And not just the ones you made to me.”

David stopped spreading mayo on his bread and set his knife aside. A look of shame washed over his face.

“Do you know what this makes you, David?” Mom asked, but she didn’t wait for David’s response. “Scripture has the answer. Ecclesiastes says, ‘It is better to say nothing than to make a promise and not keep it.’ Doing that makes you a liar, David. Proverbs 12 verse 22 lets us know that Yah hates lying lips. So if you’re going to make a promise, be sure to keep it. When you say you’re going to do something, do it. Otherwise, you’re committing one of the seven things Yah hates. And last I checked you want to make it to the Kingdom don’t you?”

David nodded. “Yes, mom, I do.”

“Well, start keeping your promises,” Mom said.


Do you find yourself saying you’ll do something that you actually never get around to doing? Do you disappoint people by making them expect something of you that you never deliver on? If you tell someone you’re going to do something, make sure it gets done, otherwise, you’re a liar according to the sure Word of truth, and Revelation 21:8 promises that all liars will face the lake of fire. If you want to enjoy the peace and everlasting wonders of the Kingdom, keeping your promises is a major step toward that goal.

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