LKP Treasure Trove 009: Turn from Your Sins

Welcome to another edition of the LKP Treasure Trove

When we do things that cause harm to others, even emotionally, we are in fact doing harm to ourselves. Our sins will begin to pile up and create a huge obstacle in front of us that will block us from moving ahead toward the Kingdom. Clearing the path in front of us can only happen if we confess our sins to the Most High, apologize to the people we’ve hurt, and try to never do or say those harmful things again. Today, Corey will find that this is the only thing that will clear his path.

Turn from Your Sins


For the past three weeks, Corey had been acting differently. He had turned a year older and was officially no longer a tween, but a teen. To him, that meant he could act more grown up and get his way, especially with his younger brother, Byron, who was only nine years old. At dinner, while Mom and Stepdad were busy talking, Corey would grab the serving bowl as Byron reached for it, and he would serve himself first then put it back.

Corey also made it a habit to rush up and down the stairs ahead of Byron most days. He was in such a rush to get in front of his little brother one afternoon that he accidentally bumped him at the bottom of the stairs and caused Byron to drop the schoolbooks and loose homework papers he was carrying.

“You okay?” was all Corey had said. And when Byron nodded and replied, “I’m all right,” Corey dashed upstairs without another word, leaving Byron to pick up his things by himself. Through it all, Byron had been very patient, and he never complained. But their stepdad happened to be watching the boys in the backyard from the kitchen window that evening after work.

As they raked up the last of the leaves, Corey dropped his rake and started walking off. “Put that away for me and set the garbage bags at the front of the house when you’re done.”

Before Corey reached the back door, Stepdad was marching out on the lawn to meet him. “What was that all about?”

Corey stopped short and shot a puzzled look at Stepdad. “What do you mean?”

“You know you’re supposed to work together out here,” Stepdad said. “Don’t boss your little brother around. I notice you’ve become mean ever since you turned thirteen.”

Corey frowned, looking guilty as charged. But he said nothing.

Stepdad sighed and softened his tone. “Look, I know what it’s like to get older. But growing up doesn’t mean you have to become a tyrant. Would you like me to start treating you the way you treat your little brother?”

Corey shook his head without hesitating. “Of course not.”

“Then you know it’s wrong,” Stepdad said.

“Yes, and now I feel bad,” Corey said.

“Well just feeling bad for something you’ve done wrong doesn’t fix things. Remember, ‘Those who hide their sins won’t succeed, but those who confess and give them up will receive mercy.’ ”

“I know,” Corey said softly. Then he turned and walked over to his brother to ask forgiveness.


Do you allow your sins to be a stumbling block or obstacle in your life? Ezekiel 18:30 says, “Therefore, I will judge each of you according to your ways, house of Israel. This is what the Master Yah says. Turn, turn away from all your sins. Don’t let them be sinful obstacles for you.” Feeling bad about our sins isn’t enough. When we admit to our sins and stop doing them then Yah will show us mercy.

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