Yo Time is Up

I got one thing say to all our . . . heathen haters, 
The ones who can’t stand the sight of us for they vile hatred
And I’ma say it worldwide to they . . . leech faces, 
and that’s “Yo time is up, you wretched bold-faced racists.”

You conniving, black-hearted, dark-minded enslavers
You . . . bloodthirsty, Hebrew-killin’, people traders
Khazarian-lovin’, fake-Jew huggin’, nation-replacers, 
I said, “Yo time is up,” and you just . . . gon have to face it.

We ain’t standin’ for this no more, ’cause we no longer blind, 
But somehow you can’t seem to see the signs of the times
KKK rallyin’ like it’s 1929, in Anaheim
I think they done lost they rabid minds

They wasn’t expecting Hebrews who ready for all takers
Who ready to clench fists and touch ’em with jawbreakers, 
and lay them out on they backs from them straight haymakers
All those who hate Elohim we hate with a perfect hatred. 

’Cause o’ they jealousy they keep harmin’ our breathren
But among our talented people are nothing but legends
’Cause according to the good book we the best under heaven
The truth done leaked just peep Deuteronomy seven. 

It ain’t nothin’ new, it’s just . . . we finally awake
found out the truth when all this time it’s been right in our face
Well, we know who we are now so, yeah, we straight, 
but you heathens get the steppin’ ’cause you standin’ in our place.

We ’bout to take the world back no more conquer and divide
nah we one heart and one mind when we praise the Most High
We the remnant, in whose mouth will be no lies
and the nation that will not serve will be the nation that will die

And be warned, Yah’s judgment ’bout to be poured out
So we goin’ all out, but watch these heathens full of all doubt
fall before our eyes and perish with wails and shouts
for calling on false deities out they mouth.

You ’bout to be touched with all manner of earthquakes, 
and floods and hurricanes, and rivers of blood . . . mudslides, 
and sinkholes aplenty, it’s time to be judged. 
Yah’s punishment’ll swallow you up.

’Cause Yo Time is Up.

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