Bitter Herbs

A scripture-based list of herbs:

  • Coriander: Exodus 16:31 ESV
  • Wormwood: Amos 5:7 ESV
  • Rue: Luke 11:42 ESV
  • Mint & Dill1: Matthew 23:23 ESV
___________________________ 1 Milder for younger children

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Bitter Herbs

Numbers 9:11




Like all herbs, they should be taken in very small quantities and sourced from trusted retailers because you should get what you’re paying for. I would strongly suggest getting organic only. Also, buy only what you need, which should be very little. I cannot justify purchasing anything more than ¼ – ½ lb dry herb. Just store the remainder in a closed container in a cool, dry place. Remember, even though most of us have lost our knowledge of the various uses of herbs, do your research before consuming them, especially if you’re pregnant or breast feeding, so you can be sure which type would be safer for you. Yah wants us to be knowledgeable and discerning about what we put in our temple; even when it comes to something as simple and harmless looking like as an herb. They were and are used as natural medicine, however.

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If you can find any of the suggested herbs, by all means eat them with your Passover meal; but go easy with the portions for the younger children, as this is merely a memorialization. The overall Passover experience should be one that ranges from somber to joyous. It should reflect that Yeshua was indeed our ultimate sacrifice and, even though we are living the bitterness of sin, he has redeemed us, and the sweet rewards of the Kingdom are at hand, out there in the wilderness, where we can serve him. Also, be sure to watch Morning Morsels 81: “The Good of Suffering Bitterness.”