Fruit Bearers Podcast 1: LuzDelia M.


About this episode:

LuzDelia talks about being separated to Yah in service and devotion. She has gone through hardships but still perseveres. A grandmother of five, this grounded believer is bearing fruit for Yah.

This podcast will focus on the spiritual walk of those of you out there who are living the Israelite lifestyle, whether you were born Hebrew or Gentile. But more than that, it will detail how the faithful have been—or are striving to be—fruit bearers as they walk the path of righteousness toward the Kingdom.

In LuzDelia’s Words:

“It had to pass through his hands before it even came down into my reality.”
— Min. 00:10:23
“He’s separating me—not separating me from anything, but separating me unto himself.”
— Min. 00:25:40
“It’s a still, small voice that comes in my spirit, and I know it’s from him.”
— Min. 00:30:43

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I truly enjoyed listening to LuzDellia's full Fruit Bearers Podcast. So much more interesting things she spoke and elaborated on after being able to listen to the interview in its entirety. Thanks so much for helping me further learn what I can do on my desktop and how to find various subjects of the spiritual food Yah has blessed you to know well and share. Thank you so, so much Kingdom Preppers. I pray Yah continues to bless your family and you with himself and his word, that you obviously love very much.

—Malvina V.

LuzDelia, thank you for sharing. At first it seemed it would be a lonely walk, but the Most High keeps blessing us and moving mountains for us so that we may see that He is with us and we are not alone. I have internalized what Yeshuah said when he called to the people, "Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his [stake], and follow me." (Mark 8:34) I believe I am doing that when I remove myself from worldly things and strive to "give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes;" and now I'm hearing from others who possess the same humility, and I am encouraged. I thank the Most High for all the fruit bearers. LuzDelia and Kingdom Preppers, thank you.

—Jessica W.

I really enjoyed this podcast, I learned that I must accept eveything that comes into life and what has been allowed in my life is from Yah! I'm also learning to be joyful in the process, its a process that takes time and most importantly it builds character and endurance because it's those who endure to the end that are saved.

—Karen O.

Thank you for sharing this message. Perfect timing. I needed to hear that Sister. All Glory to Yah.

—S. Moore

Thank you for the Fruit Bearers series. It is so inspirational and timely.

—Lisa S.

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