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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from our visitors to the site. Please take the time to read through them to learn who we are, what we stand for, and how we operate. Todah rabah!

—Kingdom Prepper

Do you accept donations?

The spirit has moved me to send a donation. How do you accept payment?
Answer: We don’t accept monetary donations, but you can help seed our efforts by simply passing on our information to others: friends, family, co-workers, etc. Send them to our website and encourage them to watch the videos and read the materials. That is the best donation we can ask for, and it will be counted as kingdom work on your part as well.

Do you sell your books or videos?

Do you sell your books or videos as DVDs or other formats?
Answer: We don’t sell anything we produce and never intend to. It’s all freely available to view via But if you would like a copy of a specific video, or videos, that you have no intention of trying to sell, you can download them from this site free of charge. Contact us to get details on how you can do so. Then you can take the downloaded videos and play them from a USB stick, SD card, or other device. This way you can enjoy all our videos offline, particularly when they begin to restrict these kinds of videos on the internet. All we ask is that you do not sell these videos. They are to be used for free personal study. The same goes for the audios, books, and Little Kingdom Preppers, Growing Up Hebrew, and Living Hebrew materials.

Most of the materials we produce are available for free download now in either audio or PDF format, and the instructions above will allow you to download the videos to keep in your personal collection. Eventually (Yah-willing) there will be more story collections to download in PDF if they are not available on the site in that format now. We usually wait till a collection is complete before creating PDF downloads of them. But if you feel you must have a physical version of the free digital products, feel free to download, print, and bind these PDFs at a Staples as others have. We strongly believe in what Matthew 10:8 says: “Give as freely as you have received!” This is what we are doing.

Do you have a church I could attend?

Do you have a church I could attend in my area?
Answer: First let me say that all churches, even Sabbath-keeping churches, are part of the system of the beast. And that includes many Hebrew Israelite churches and camps because they're tainted too, particularly those with a 501(c)(3) and/or that require monetary tithing. (We focus on tithes in this video.) Many Israelite camps out there are operating by evil design and it is part of the sifting that must take place. Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see will be the ones who will not be swept up by the deception of false religions and teachings. But the deception must be there to fulfill prophecy and catch all the sleeping Hebrews and Gentiles who will be the goats placed on Yeshua’s left. The Hebrew camps are the answer to Christianity. Since many of us all left the churches the devil had to infiltrate the new movement. It is the old playbook. So we don’t advocate those assemblies.

In fact, it would be best to avoid all camps, groups, assemblies, and churches, etc., and just study with a small gathering of like-minded people until the second covenant is fulfilled:

20 “For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

Matthew 18:20

Or just study on your own via the guidance of the Ruach (Spirit) if you have no one to fellowship with. We fellowship at home as a family. The devil is really busy out there with deception so be careful. This is all about studying on your own and learning directly at the feet of Yah as the Scriptures state. Watch this video for more on that: Who is Your Teacher?

What Scriptures do you use?

What version or type of Scriptures do you quote from in your videos? Because the message is more clearly understood.
Answer: As to the Scripture version, I strongly believe that modern translations written in today’s language helps to aid in our understanding of Yah’s Word, but the problem is that there is no perfect translation of Scripture, so I tend to use a mix and base it off the original Interlinear transliteration. I use a mix of New Living Translation, English Standard Version, New American Standard Bible, and KJV2000, and the Interlinear as mentioned, all of which can be found here at Bible Hub. For Little Kingdom Preppers we occassionally base the reading on the CEV while correcting any errors in the text. I try to make sure every verse I post lines up with the original intended meaning and sense of the given text. Many find it easy to follow, which is the main point.

That said, the NLT, ESV, and NASB are probably your best bets if you’d like to own a translation of Scripture that comes close to verses I usually post, but there are a few spots in these Bibles where certain words in some verses are altered from the original, which changes the sense, as with ALL versions of Scripture translations. A case in point would be translating the word that equates to “age” as “universe” or “world.” The sense is lost and one’s understanding of the entire verse would be warped. The Spirit of discernment is needed in such cases, as well as a good lexicon or concordance.

As to that, I also use this site, which offers Gesenius’s Lexicon definitions, as well as Thayer’s, which are both invaluable scripture study aids. And the word numbering conforms to Strong’s for easy lookup and cross-referencing. The site is robust so it will take a little getting used to but I use it for my personal studies as well as for research when compiling videos and vetting scripture verses and word definitions for accuracy.

And for a well-translated Scripture version that retains original Hebrew names, not only of the Father and his Son, but of all the people and places of ancient times, we highly recommend The Scriptures, published by the Institute for Scripture Research.

Can I ask you questions about Scripture?

Do you answer questions? Like can I ask for clarification on scripture verses, prophecies, feast days, shaving my beard, wearing tassels, women wearing pants, marriage, etc.?
Answer: Please understand that we advocate studying for yourself, as does Scripture. I am no teacher, mentor, pastor, elder, life coach, hand-holder, or supplier to confirmation junkies. I only share the light that Yah has revealed to me. If you can receive it, Yah be praised. But I mainly put out videos, articles, and other materials as mere primers, meaning they are seeds to spark a deeper search for truth; it does not mean that I’m here to provide deeper insight to give you the clarity only Yah can grant via his Ruach (Spirit). So please take your questions to Yah in prayer. This is extremely important and it is something I must stand firm on. For more on this, please watch the scripture study video Who is Your Teacher. Shalom!

What software programs and web platform do you use?

The quality of your videos is nice and your website looks beautiful! What software program(s) and web platform do you use to create your videos and build/host your website?
Answer: I use Photoshop CS6 for image editing, but there is a cheaper version called Photoshop Elements that could probably work for those who are interested in editing images for use in videos. But most importantly, I use Adobe Premiere Elements to create the videos themselves, which is a super cheap program that allows for HD output up to 720 and 1080p, and even 4K, which is a must nowadays when creating videos.

As a sidenote, Photoshop CS6 is no longer available for sale; they now force you to subscribe to their programs for a monthly or annual fee. However, another alternative for photo editing is GIMP, which is a free open source program that is great for editing images, and it's quite robust, but you'd have to learn the program. I have my daughter using and learning it now.

For the website itself, I use a Content Management System (CMS) platform called SquareSpace. You've probably heard of it. Another, similar one that is also popular is WordPress. CMS platforms make building, editing, and even hosting a website far easier and smoother. I used to rely heavily on HTML in the past and even built the old Kingdom Preppers site entirely in HTML, which was hosted on Blogger. Those days are gone, HalleluYah.


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