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Preparing the Heart & Mind for Feasts

Enjoy this activity pack that is intended for the whole family.

Packed with interesting activities for the whole family, this Spring Advent pack will help you prepare your heart and mind for the important upcoming feasts of our spring agricultural season.

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LKP Printables!

From time to time, we will be releasing one- or multi-page activities that can be downloaded, printed, and enjoyed by children (and adults) of various ages.

The printables will feature:

  • crafts

  • puzzles

  • coloring

  • quizzes

  • mazes

  • codes

  • riddles

  • stories & more!

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New Sprouts Video

Spring Time Rhyme: A short rhyming video that teaches young children about the change in seasons and the fun that change brings.

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Latest Articles

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Who is "Yah"?

While many mistake the Father, Yah, for the Son, Yeshua, in the Pre-Messianic Scriptures, Yeshua is in fact the one being referred to quite often. Discernment, however, is required to tell the difference.

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Feasts of Man

Leviticus 23 lays out several feasts or pure convocations we are to observe in the spring and fall of each year, but what about feasts that are not mentioned there, like Purim and Hanukkah?

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My email response to a question from a website visitor regarding the Sabbath (a topic we have covered extensively)

It is usually around this time of year that I tend to get a lot of questions from newly awakened individuals who are inspired to keep the feasts for the first time or are convicted to become more grounded on keeping the Sabbath day, as commanded in Scripture. Well, recently, I received an email from one such soul who wrote the following:

First off, thank you so much for sharing the wisdom and revelation The Father gives you and it has been a huge blessing to me and my family. My question is: What is your take on working on the Sabbath day in our present captivity? I personally have a job working nights and try as hard as possible to get home before dawn on the Sabbath and not return to work until at least 12 hours later. But it doesn't always work out so nicely and I wanted your wisdom on the matter. Thank you again for all the content put up at Kingdom Preppers. It's AWESOME!!!

Charles H.

My response?

For a little perspective on my story, when I was around 18 or so I worked my very last Sabbath. I felt so much guilt and was burdened by the idea that I could break the one day he set aside specifically for my benefit. It is also a sign between us and Yah, and a seal or signature of his creative right.

I have never worked another Sabbath since then, despite the many jobs I had and the pressure from various bosses and supervisors. But that only came with true conviction; conviction that no one can give you but the Ruach.

My view is also this: unless you are in the exact position of the Israelites of old, those enslaved in Egypt, or even our more recent ancestors, the Israelites of the slave days in America and abroad, you have choices and options, come what may. But today it boils down to personal conviction, and being willing to walk away from a job or career for the sake of Yah. The choices we make today will have eternal reverberations on the other side of this thing, determining where we land, what offices we will hold (if we hold any), and whether or not we will stand on the sea of glass in Yah's presence.
This world is not real. It is a mere training ground, but people don't realize that. They live this life as though it is truly something to take hold of. Yah is everything, and he can bestow so much upon us if we will but do what he asks us to do. In the end, we'll really kick ourselves when we consider the choices we failed to make when we had the chance. But you know what they say about hindsight. . . .


Emails from our visitors

A visitor named Kabir wrote concerning our KP documentaries:

I have always thought of a day or time in my life when facts related to my true identity shall be revealed. Reading and watching with keen interest, these prophetic documentaries are not only shedding light but are in absolute conformity with lots of oral history that most nomadic FULANIS treasure. I wish to on behalf of other like-minds, register our appreciation for the research you've done so as to set the historical records right and free all bretherens from the shackels of intellectual poverty.Thanks. Kabir

And with regard to the overall website, Porschea Y. writes:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kingdom Prepper, Thank you for all that you have done in regards to this site. My family and I were led to the truth of who we are at the end of 2016. Our journey has been a true barakah and your site has helped out a lot. We, my family and I, have service in our home and studying Yah's Word is VERY IMPORTANT to us. Thank YOU for YOUR prayerful study of the Word and may the Ruach always lead you into ALL TRUTH. May Yah barak you and keep you and may your family flourish in all you do. In YAHUSHA'S name. Porschea Y.

Yah be praised!

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